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We will help you with


Data collection

We provide efficient and speedy collection of data from the target group of respondents via secured web applications. Thanks to a several years of operation and ongoing development these applications are user-friendly, intuitive and fully compatible with all web browsers common operating systems (Windows, Android, iOS).

The data collection output can be in a form of final report containing simple statistical evaluation or complex marketing interpretation based on a depth data analysis, you can also get a printed collection of these results or graphic poster. As a client you also have a constant access to intermediate results and ad hoc reports during the ongoing data collection.


Train and educate

We are happy to share knowledge. We believe that sharing and knowledge thanks with the use of the available technologies are the right way to progress.

Therefore, among other things, we help to educate the medical community in Slovakia and also in the Czech Republic. In collaboration with professional societies we run registries and applications for rare diseases, we provide patients with access to information about treatment options for their diseases and last but not least we can also verify the knowledge.


Raise awareness

We work conceptually and therefore it is necessary to use appropriate tools if you need to stand out. We select those tools carefully with regard to the group you want to address the message.


Support sales

Modern technologies nowadays allow much more effectivity but despite that every day we face countless advertising messages without even being in the target group of the advertised service or product. By customizating disseminated information and selecting an appropriate communication channel we help you to be "the one who spends money efficiently."